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JEI Learning San Diego Summer Camp 2018!! Sign up now!!
Summer is just around the corner.  JEI Summer Camp 2018 is now open for registration. 
Summertime provides a wonderful opportunity for all children to continue growing academically.  JEI Summer Camp offers remediation in academics and study skills.   Academics include reading, writing, public speaking, and mathematics.  Please register today. 

JEI San Diego Summer Camp 2018

9995 Carmel Mountain  Rd. Suite B-3

San Diego, CA 92129

Phone: (858)231-9929

Summer Session:

6/18/2018 ~ 8/17/2018 (7/2 ~ 7/7: Break)

Session 1:

June 18th to June 29th    

Session 2:

July 9th to July 20th

Session 3:

July 23rd to August 03rd

Session 4:

August 06th to August 17rd


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